Exchange rate: Dollar don weak against Naira?

US DOLLAR Image copyright AFP/GETTY

E be like Easter 2018 bin wan sweet for some Nigerians when dem go internet go check exchange rate for Google for Tuesday, March 27.

Dem see say naira don strong sotay, na only N182.16 person need to buy one US dollar ($1) instead of di N360 to $1 wey don dey for months now.

If to say na true, wetin dis wan for mean na say dollar don weak by 100%.

But no be true, na google make mistake.

Nigerians for social media bin do quick as dem begin spread di tori but most of dem no wan believe am.

Last-last, di surprise Easter awoof turn to early April fool tins, six days before April 1 wey be April fool day after Google correct di mistake.

Till now Google Exchange never talk anything about di mata.

Dis one dey happen less than one week after one of di richest men for di world, Bill Gates talk say di economic plan of President Muhammadu Buhari government wey go comot Nigerians from poverty get k-Leg.

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