Nigeria senator official salary suppose be one million naira -RMAFC

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Image example People shopck for Nigeria wey dem hear say di senators dem dey collect 13.5 million naira

Di join-bodi for Nigeria wey dey in charge of salaries for government officials, di Nigeria Revenue Mobilisation Allocation and Fiscal Commission (RMAFC), don talk say na one million naira only senator suppose dey collect per month.

Dis one include dia salary and allawee.

RMAFC say di N13.5 million wey di Nigeria National Assembly dey pay each senator for now no follow law.

RMAFC talk-talk person Ibrahim Mohammed say dem chook mouth inside di salary matter after popular Kaduna senator, Shehu Sani, talk say each senator dey collect N13.5 million every month as "running cost" join di N750,000 salary and allawee wey dem still dey collect.

According to di tori wey dem release, di law dey very clear on top how di salary suppose be and na only di National Assembly Service Commission go fit explain di N13.5 million wey di senators dem dey enjoy.

Breakdown of senator salary according to RMAFC

  • Total Salary and Allowance N1,063,860:00
  • Basic N168,866:70
  • Fuel and car maintenance N126,650:00
  • Personal Assistant N42,216:66
  • House Help N126,650:00
  • Entertainment N50,660:00
  • Utilities N50,660:00
  • Newspapers/Periodicals N25,330:00,
  • Wardrobe N42,216,66:00
  • House Maintenance N8,443.33:00
  • Constituency N422,166:66

According to RMAFC, some of dis allawee dey come every month while others like Furniture (N6,079,200:00), Severance Gratuity(N6,079,200:00) dey come once a while, and Vehicle loan (N8,105,600:00) na by choice.

Dem say di running cost wey Senator Shehu dey talk about so no be dem dey pay am so na only National Assembly go fit explain am.

Before Senator Shehu open mouth, nobody get idea of how much senators dem for Nigeria dey collect but after di senator come out, many Nigerians no dey happy with di money wey dem say too plenty.

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