See di 3 ways you fit reduce doti wey dey your domot

Doti for Lagos road Image copyright Getty Images

Cities like Lagos wey be Nigeria commercial capital dey suffer doti for road sotay even #EpeLandfill trend for Twitter. E mean say di mata dey touch pipo wella.

Di landfill for Epe na anoda way wey di state gofment dey use to manage di doti wey pipo dey troway so e no go full everywhere come cause yama-yama for area.

Olusosun na anoda area wey gofment dey troway doti put.

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Olusosun Fire: 'Di smoke dey wound pesin'

Di doti for dia catch fire wey burn sotay e chase pipo comot dia house.

But as gofment dey try see how dem go solve doti problem once and for all, e get how pipo fit put hand join to solve am so?

How you fit reduce your doti?

Jennifer Uchendu, wey be founder of Susty Vibes wey dey chook eye for dis kain mata say na gofment go make sure say dem do wetin dem suppose do.

But she say e get some tins wey pesin fit do to reduce doti wey dem dey troway.

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Image example Some pipo dey wey dey turn platic bottle to anoda tin wey pipo fit use.
  • Buy wetin you need. Ms Uchendu talk say Nigerians dey like buy eh, even tins wey dem no need dem go buy am. But dis kain behaviour dey make doti full ground and e no good for di environment.
  • No dey troway tins anyhow. She talk say for example, if you get cloth wey you no dey use again, instead of say you troway am, carry am give pesin wey no get. And if you know how you fit change di dress to anoda style wey go sweet you to wear, e good, instead of to dey troway dress upandan.
  • Carry your doti give recycling companies. Ms Uchendu talk say for big cities like Lagos and Abuja, pipo dey wey dey turn carry doti to anoda tin. And dis tins be correct tins wey pipo go use. She say even if dis pipo no pay you money for di doti wey you carry give dem, no worry, oda tins dey wey dem go give instead.
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Di pavement blocks wey go last 500 years

E get kontris wey dey handle dia doti well-well dey?

  • Sweden - Dem dey turn doti to electricity wey dem use give dia pipo power. Di tin dey work wella sotay doti finish for dia kontri, dem come dey import doti from oda kontri.
  • Germany - Dem dey use animal wey die for road do oda product. So e mean say dia road no go doti and pipo go get job.
  • Brazil - Dem get company wey dey turn plastic bottle to flower pot. Dem dey dis kain tin 'vertical gardens'.

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