Ghana-US Military Deal: 'America soldiers fit bring contraband to Ghana'

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Ghana-US Military Deal: 'America soldiers fit bring contraband to Ghana'

Former Trade and Industry Minister Ekwow Spio-Garbrah say Ghana dey risk smuggling of cocaine into di country sake of di free pass wey government want give US military.

He explain say if you go America en military inside ah, you go see say during demma wars for Vietnam, Iraq den Syria, American soldiers themselves fit use American equipment for smuggling cocaine, heroin den other products wey dem go catch dem later dem dismiss dem.

Mr Spio-Garbrah who be one of di favourites for NDC Flagbearer hopefuls ahead of di 2020 elections talk BBC Pidgin e be wrong say government rush Parliament make dem take just two days discuss den ratify di agreement be wrong.

He say e be wrong say America go dictate give Ghana on terms of demma stay, "E be like someone wey be landlord, wey tenant dey come rent house from you. But e be di tenant dey dictate to you di landlord wey kain den conditions he go fit have for your tenancy."

Sake of that dem want make government reverse di agreement dis deal dey expose Ghana as country which no shedda be sovereign.

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