Zamfara suspected herdsmen attack: How bad gang don kill '60' people

Dis na Kizara village for June 2013. Image copyright STR/AFP/Getty
Image example Dis kind attack dey very common for Zamfara state. Dis na Kizara village for June 2013.

E fit pass 60 people wey don die for Zamfara state, north west Nigeria after suspected herdsmen attack for Bawardaji village.

Zamfara state police command Muhammad Shehu tell BBC say, ''Bad gang wey carry gun enter Bawardaji village for Wednesday, attack and kill people but na only three bodies police don see''.

But villagers don tell BBC na 13 people first die for Tuesday but dozens more come die for Wednesday after di same bad gang show again as villagers dey bury di first 13.

Dem say di herdsmen attack di village for Tuesday after dem get information say vigilante group for di village dey do meeting sake of how to deal with di herdsmen dem.

Dis na di latest attack wey don happen for di northern region of Nigeria between herdsmen and farmers.

Gado Anka, wey be senior official for di local government where di thing happen, confirm dis tori to media people.

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Image example People don accuse vigilante groups say dem dey kill-kill people dem suspect say be thief anyhow

How di attackers kill 60 herdsmen

Anka talk say di attackers, wey use motorcycle drive enter Anka town around 1pm and shoot 12 people before dem run comot.

''During di funeral for di people wey die, di attackers show face again for di burial ground, come kill more people and wound dozens''.

But one villager, wey no gree to talk im name, tell BBC say after two days of attack from Tuesday to Wednesday, dem don recover 63 deadi bodi.

As things dey for northern Nigeria, rural villages wey dey farm dey under attack from bag gangs wey dey kill, steal and burn people domot.

Na dis ginger villages to form vigilante groups, but villagers don accuse dis kain groups say dem dey kill-kill people dem suspect say be thief anyhow.

Dis attacks dey happen less than one week after President Muhammadu Buhari visit Zamfara for where im do meeting with leaders, traditional rulers and elders and victims of former attacks.

For February dis year, dozens of traders and villagers die for Birane village, wey dey Zurmi area of Zamfara state, when attackers begin shoot-shoot.

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