Martin Luther King: Why MLK Centre dey deny dem give Buhari award?

As dem dey give president Buhari di award Image copyright @AsoRock
Image example Di MLK family award wey dem give president Buhari awar for correct leadership.

Social media for Nigeria still dey shake on top di First Black History Month National Black Excellence and Exceptional African Leadership Award wey President Muhammadu Buhari just collect.

Dr. Naomi Barbara King, wey be di sister-in-law of di late American human rights activist Martin Luther King, na im present di award to President Buhari for Monday, March 26, 2018 in front of some of di King family members.

Di award bin sweet di president for belle.

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But no be every body like di news.

Trouble first start on top di mata after people start to dey run mouth say why Martin Luther King people dem go nack am dat kind award, people first reason say na Martin Luther King, Jr. Centre (MLK) give am di award.

Dem wonder why MLK Centre, wey wife of di late Martin Luther King Coretta Scott King start for 1968 to change things for society without violence and gra-gra go get hand for di award.

Di tori come enter anoder level when MLK Centre come on top twitter deny say dem get hand inside di award wey Dr Naomi Barbara King give president Buhari.

Dis one scatter people head more.

Senior Special Assistant on top Foreign Affairs Abike Dabiri-Erewa to President Buhari don come out to try explain how di tin take waka for inside report wey her talk-talk person Abdulrahman Balogun release.

According to di report, MLK family dem come visit Nigeria as part of events to mark Black History month and to tighten di relationship between Africa and obodo oyibo.

"Dem visit President Buhari come give am award for im fight against corruption and select Naomi Barbara King to give president Buhari di award on behalf of MLK family no be di MLK Centre."

Na so she talk.

Image copyright @AsoRock
Image example E no tey after di visit wey MLK centre tweet say no be dem give president Buhari di award.

She say di palava on top di award happen because of wetin one member of di MLK family bin talk.

Isaac Newton Farris Jr, wey be di late MLK nephew and director for di Centre, bin advise Nigerians dem to vote for President Buhari for di 2019 election.

She say because MLK no be political group dem bin tell am to take back im advice.

But im no gree and na wetin cause di wahala among dem and na why dem carry di matter go Twitter about di award.

Na so Abike Dabiri talk.

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