Today Tori: 'Nigeria Gofment dey treat us like animal' - Abuja traders and 'America soldiers fit bring contraband to Ghana'

How una dey? Dis na di top tori for today, 29 March, 2018.

Image example Dis man say im loss about 1 million naira

'Nigeria Gofment dey treat us like animal' - Abuja traders

Di popular Gwoza market for Abuja, Nigeria capital get as e be now after government scatter tins for dia.

Di market no make sense again after Abuja Metropolitan Management Council enter di market come scatter am destroy many of di small-small building dem.

Many of di traders say dem don lose everything wey dem work for for dia entire life, dem say AMAC dey collect revenue from dem but dem no fit build dem better market to sell dia farm produce dem.

Di oga of Abuja Metropolitan Management Council, Murkta Galadima say dem demolish di Gwoza market because every market day, traders dey enter di major high way dey cause wahala.

Ghana-US Military Deal: 'America soldiers fit bring contraband to Ghana'

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Ghana-US Military Deal: 'America soldiers fit bring contraband to Ghana'

Former Trade and Industry Minister Ekwow Spio-Garbrah say Ghana dey risk smuggling of cocaine into di country sake of di free pass wey government want give US military.

He explain say if you go America en military inside ah, you go see say during demma wars for Vietnam, Iraq den Syria, American soldiers themselves fit use American equipment for smuggling cocaine, heroin den other products wey dem go catch dem later dem dismiss dem.

Mr Spio-Garbrah who be one of di favourites for NDC Flagbearer hopefuls ahead of di 2020 elections talk BBC Pidgin e be wrong say government rush Parliament make dem take just two days discuss den ratify di agreement be wrong.

'Why Buhari dey make us waka upandan' - Lagosians

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Pipo for Lagos dey vex for Nigeria president Muhammadu Buhari on top di visit wey e dey visit di state on Thursday 29 March.

Mr Buhari wan come commission di new Ikeja Bus Terminal. E go also attend seminar to honour former governor, Bola Tinubu, wey be di national leader of ruling All Progressives Congress.

Lagos State Governor, Akinwunmi Ambode declare di day public holiday so presido go fit waka wella.

Dem also block some road and arrange how pipo go waka for di state.

Di tin don cause plenty go-slow sotay Lagos carry di vex enta social media.

Cameroon: Court adjourn case for Mancho Bibixy and odas for April

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Image example Mancho Bibixy in white and odas for court

Court don adjourn case for Mancho Bibixy and odas weh e get connection with Anglophone crisis for April 13.

But, defense counsel lawyer, Maitre Emmanuel Simh say for shift de case again na delay tactics weh e no good.

"We be di kam today for hear weti weh de state counsel get for tok for Mancho Bibixy and odas case and we bi check say the case go end today" Maitre Emmanuel Simh tell BBC News Pidgin.

Nigeria senator official salary suppose be one million naira -RMAFC

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Image example People shopck for Nigeria wey dem hear say di senators dem dey collect 13.5 million naira

Di join-bodi for Nigeria wey dey in charge of salaries for government officials, di Nigeria Revenue Mobilisation Allocation and Fiscal Commission (RMAFC), don talk say na one million naira only senator suppose dey collect per month.

Dis one include dia salary and allawee.

RMAFC talk-talk person Ibrahim Mohammed say dem chook mouth inside di salary matter after popular Kaduna senator, Shehu Sani, talk say each senator dey collect N13.5 million every month as "running cost" join di N750,000 salary and allawee wey dem still dey collect.