Denrele Edun: GQ dey celebrate my crase

Denrele Edun

Ogbonge Nigerian TV pesin and model, Denrele Edun don enta international level as GQ Magazine use am as dia cover star for dia latest edition.

But di tin wey come confuse pipo na say Denrele dress like woman inside di foto dem.

Dis no be di first time Denrele dey dress like woman as e don get plenty case before wey pipo dey attack am for di kain tins wey im dey like to wear.

All di yabis wey Denrele dey collect from different pipo no dey move am at all becos, na dat kain dressing don carry am enta international level so.

Denrele wey follow BBC News Pidgin talk, say e surprise wen e see di magazine because na since December 2017 dem do di shoot after some GQ pipo from Paris come find am.

Im talk say e sweet am for bodi say GQ dey celebrate im crase and im handwork.

As Denrele announce di tori for im social media page, pipo begin yab am.

But Denrele say no be today di yabis start. "As dem dey quote Bible give me, me sef dey quote Bible give dem back."

As Denrele take put am, "I no send anybodi mama."