Alleged looters list dey raise questions for Nigerians

  • Helen Oyibo
  • BBC News Pidgin
Lai Mohammed

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Wetin we call dis foto,

Nigeria information minister Lai Mohammed say dem release di looters list to prove point

E no be news again say Nigeria gofment release name of di pipo wey dem say kolobi di kontri money. Since di first list drop on Friday to on Sunday wey di second one land, pipo never close mouth ontop di mata.

Looters list kor, project list ni

For some pipo, dis list no make sense. Nigeria go do election for 2019 and dis gofment don dey power since 2015 so dem go rather wan see dia list of achievement.

No be today...

Okay so no be today di present gofment dey talk say pipo chop money but wetin never happen na to hear say pesin don go jail ontop di mata plus pipo no really dey sure wetin dem dey use all di money dem say dem don collect back do sef.

Your way no straight

Di way di tin take happen dey make pipo feel say gofment reason to bring out di list at dis time no pure at all.

Excuse me sir! You will hear from my lawyer!!!

Many ogbonge pipo name especially from di opposition People's Democratic Party (PDP) tanda ontop di looters list and dem don dey react, di ones wey dey deny, dey deny, and di ones wey dey call dia lawyer don start already.

BBC News Pidgin reach out to Nigeria Information Minister Lai Mohammed to answer some of dis questions dem.

Oga Mohammed tell BBC News Pidgin say dem decide to release di list because PDP try dem.

Mohammed also talk say di reason dem dey release di list batch by batch na so dat dem go fit complete dia investigation.