Winnie Mandela: Who be di South Africa 'mama'?

Winnie Mandela
Wetin we call dis foto,

Dem dey call Winnie Mandela mama of di nation because of di ogbonge role she play to stop apartheid for South Africa

Winnie Madikizela Mandela wey be di former wife of South Africa first black president, Nelson Mandela don die at di age of 81.

Winnie na one of di main pipo wey follow former president Nelson Mandela fight against apartheid for South Africa.

She be one of di pipo wey help start South Africa ruling ANC party.

Her PA‚ Zodwa Zwane na im confirm di tori on Monday afternoon.

Her family talk-talk person Victor Dlamini talk for inside statement say she die after long illness.

"She don dey go hospital since di beginning of di year. She die in peace with her family members around her."

Na so im talk.

More about Winnie Mandela

Dem born Winnie for 1936 for Eastern Cape wey dem sabi before as Transkei.

She train as social worker and she meet her husband sometime for 1950, dem marry for 38 years.

Winnie and her husband Mandela join hand fight apartheid for nearly 30 years although dem no dey together most of dis time because Mandela dey prison.

She continue di struggle wen dem jail her husband for life, she do am well sotay dem recognise am all over di world say she get mouth for di struggle.

Wetin we call dis foto,

Winnie Mandela outside court di day dem sentence Mandela to life in prison

She go jail ontop her waka too later as she dey try fight di white minority government wey bin dey rule South Africa dat time.

Winnie Mandela later dey involved for some kain tin wey put am for news in a bad way.

Some of di tins na say she support di practice of "necklacing" make dem dey put burning tyre around di neck of people wey dem suspect to be informant for di 1980's.

Dem also accuse her of kidnapping and dem sentence am to six years in prison say she get hand inside di death of one 14 year old town militant Stompie Seipei.

Although Mandela stand gidigba for her side all di time dem dey accuse am all dis one, dem later separate two years after im comot prison after dia marriage scatter.

She deny all dis accusation.

Although she divorce Mandela for 1996, she still continue to carry im name and maintain relationship with am.

Wetin we call dis foto,

Winnie and Mandela di day dem release Mandela from prison

People dey pay homage

President Cyril Ramaphosa don hail Winnie Mandela.

"As mama Winnie don go so, we don lose one of di remaining few of our icon dem. She be one of di people wey go tell us as e be, we go miss her guidance."

Na so president Ramaphosa talk.

Retired archbishop and Nobel laureate Desmond Tutu too hail Winnie Mandela as person wey get strong hand inside di fight against apartheid.

"Her courage and di way she stand gidigba ontop di struggle na inspiration to me and to plenty generation of activists dem."

Na so im talk.