Alleged looters list: 'Na direct reply to PDP challenge' - Lai Mohammed

  • Princess Igho Williams
  • Broadcast Journalist, BBC News Pidgin
Oga Lai Mohammed talk say dem wan make sure say whoever dem accuse say take Nigeria money really get case to answer.
Wetin we call dis foto,

Oga Lai Mohammed say anybodi wey dem accuse say e take Nigeria money really get case to answer.

Nigeria information minister say di reason why gofment release list of pipo wey dem accuse say dem kolobi di kontri money na because opposition party dare dem.

Plenti Nigerian still dey put mouth on top di list and many dey wonder why gofment do dat kain tin.

Wetin we call dis Video,

Nigeria looted property: 'Make EFCC dey publish list of wetin dem seize' - Nigerians

Alhaji Mohammed say na People's Democratic Party (PDP) challenge dem say make dem show di names of di pipo wey gofment bin dey shout since say dem dey corrupt.

E say di pipo wey dey shout for public on top di list dey shout because dem no know why di list show.

"Dis na direct reply to di challenge wey PDP give gofment to release names, if we get any poof to show weda anybodi from di last administration chop di kontri money and now we don give dem di proof."

Alhaji Mohammed follow talk say di list dey come batch by batch because investigation neva finish so dem no wan spoil di name of pesin wey dey innocent.

"We wan make sure say whoever dem accuse say take di kontri money really get case to answer."

Wetin gofment go do next?

Alhaji Mohammed say no be gofment work to judge anybodi, na court go do dat one.

E say dem go continue to investigate di pipo wey dem suspect say dem chop money and send di name to Attorney-General office to carry di mata go court.