Lagos traffic: See 9 ways you fit use take escape go-slow

  • Ogechi Obidiebube
  • BBC News Pidgin, Lagos
Moto dem wey dey inside traffic.

Wia dis foto come from, Getty Images

If you dey live for one of Nigeria biggest city, Lagos, you go don sabi say di traffic na there die. You fit spend plenti hours inside bumper to bumper traffic for journey wey no suppose pass 20 minutes if road dey clear.

Di serious traffic wey pipo dey face for Lagos almost everyday dey cause plenty wahala like stress, waste of time wey person suppose use do beta tin and plenty oda tins like dat.

Dis na some tins wey you fit do to make sure say Lagos traffic no wound you too much.

1. Plan your waka well.

For Lagos, you no fit just comot for house anytime you like dey tink say you go reach wia you dey go just like dat.

You go need beta planning to help you know how long e go take you to reach there. If you dey do office work, e beta make you begin your waka for early momo when pipo no plenti for road.

E beta make you wake early to reach work early dan make you sleep well-well, come enta traffic wey fit give you serious headache and you go come still late go work.

2. Google map na your padi

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As pipo dey always talk say, "Google na your friend", e go make sense if you dey check Google map to check weda go-slow dey di area wey you wan go.

E go help you reason weda you wan chook head inside or make you just sidon jeje for wia you dey.

3. Use boat

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Wetin we call dis foto,

boat taxi business na business wey dey grow small-small for Lagos

Water full everywhere for Lagos but many pipo no dey use am arrange dia waka.

If you dey stay for areas like Ikorodu wey dey outside town, you fit enta boat wey go carry you reach di main towns for Lagos in less dan 30 minutes.

Add di short time wey you go use reach wia you go plus di fresh breeze wey go dey blow you dey go as di boat dey cruise on top di water.

Di only kwanta with dis option be say e cost to enta boat because you fit spend reach N700 for single trip from Ikorodu to some area for Lagos.

4. Drive bicycle or power bike

Dis option na for pipo wey get mind because to drive bicycle or even power bike for Lagos no easy.

If you fit learn how to ride bike or bicycle, traffic no go hold you reach as e dey hold those wey dey inside moto.

5. Use BRT

Wia dis foto come from, Getty Images

Wetin we call dis foto,

Lagos state launch di BRT for 2009 to reduce traffic for di state.

Lagos state get special bus wey dem dey call BRT (Bus Rapid Transit). Di state government don create separate lane for road and na only di BRT fit use am.

As na only BRT get di lane, e dey hard before go-slow go hold any of di buses.

6. Work from house

More organizations suppose dey allow dia staff to dey stay house to do dia work. Just give dem time wen dem suppose start work and wen dem suppose finish, plus di work wey dem suppose do.

7. Do your waka for weekend and public holiday

Public holidays and weekends, especially Sundays, na di best to drive for Lagos because road dey free for di city.

8. Dey put ear for traffic report

Plenty radio stations dey wey dey give pipo informate of how traffic be for dia area and e dey help well-well.

9. Run go back ya village

If all dis options no work for you, den di only tin wey fit help your situation na to pack comot for Lagos jeje.

E get so many oda cities for Nigeria wey you fit go start life and you go dey alright.

No be by force say evribodi go dey Lagos as overpopulation na even one of di main tins wey dey cause traffic for di state sef.