Cameroon Prime Minister wan stop leakage for state info

Philemon Yang

Wia dis foto come from, Paul Kane

Wetin we call dis foto,

PM Philemon Yang

Cameroon Prime Minister, Philemon Yang komot circular say officials weh deh leak gofment information go face disciplinary action.

"E don kam for ma notice say confidential information and documents dem di circulate every-time with no authorisation", im write.

Head for ngomna say de situation di increase especially with internet and e effects dem plus new communication tools dem weh de di helep for share information.

"Na so we di see information for social media with confidential, secret and top secret weh e di circulate. Even information weh e concern military operation and case dem for court di too di circulate", PM lament.

Prime Minister say even as dis information di compromise public action, e di cause serious security issues and di expose ngomna for plenty attacks.

Before ngomna complete platforms and charter for manage documents, e di try for see say information no go leak again.

For stop de leak, PM don say make all officials dem respect obligation and professional secret and law for manage confidential documents for instruction for 06 August 1968 weh e concern how for protect secret, manipulation and keep and share secret and confidential documents dem.

If deh catch any agent weh e leak public documents and information e go face discipline but PM di also recommend say make deh send only pipo weh get high morality for manage letter section.

E say make national agency for information technology, ANTIC and centre for development of national information, CENADI collaborate for secure electronic communication for manage information.