Winnie Mandela big pass Nelson Mandela for South Africa?

Nelson and Winnie Mandela

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Nelson and Winnie Mandela

When tori nack say Winnie Madikizela-Mandela don die for Monday at 81 years, South Africa enter standstill, di same way wen her former husband Nelson Mandela die five years ago.

Her kontri pipo hail her as one of di lion wey struggle to free South Africa from white-minority rule, wey be apartheid, and dem name her di mama of di kontri, just as Nelson na di papa.

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Na who be Winnie Mandela?

South Africa President Cyril Ramaphosa talk say she be pesin wey represent di dream of her pipo.

But na di new generation for South Africa, dey respect Madikizela-Mandela pass unto her message of African nationalism, land reform and militancy.

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Julius Malema na one of di inheritors of Winnie Mandela vision

Young pipo wey dem born just before, during and after South Africa independence for 1994 dey feel say Nelson style of politics wey combine peace and unity no help dem.

Dis na because, di journey of equality for South Africa, weda na di mata of skin colour, who own land and control money dey too slow.

Even though di population of di white minority reach around 13 percent, dem control 87% of di economy and dis tin frustrate di black majority wey feel say men like Nelson Mandela no negotiate proper deal for dem before independence.

Some believe say Madikizela-Mandela militant style fit fast forward di fruits of freedom quick-quick instead of Nelson own.

She be di best example of good woman, wey do u-turn become bad wen she suppose. Her no-nonsense style don make am hero to poor pipo for townships.

Good girl gone bad

Even before Madikizela-Mandela meet Nelson for 1957, she don dey active for local politics through her career as social worker.

During di 1980s, after gofment release her from house arrest, Madikizela-Mandela carry di order of ANC leader Oliver Tambo for mind when im talk say make apartheid South Africa dey hard to live for di white minority.

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Madikizela-Mandela for di funeral of her former husband, Nelson Mandela

As Nelson and im comrades dey prison for Robben Island without connection to grassroot politics, Winnie turn soldier for townships, wey be ghetto.

Tori pipoe talk say, di tin wey ginger her na di kain suffer-suffer she and her family don chop from di hand of police sotay dem even carry am go prison one time.

Na khaki she dey wear and na military mind she begin dey use to strategize.

But she lose respect when one group she form, di Mandela United Football Club, wey turn vigilante group kill one 14-year-old, Stompie Seipei.

South Africa independence for 1994 reward Nelson with di office of president and Madikizela-Mandela with deputy minister and lawmaker with di ruling African National Congress.

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All dis position no be wetin sweet Madikizela for belle, na to do rebel, dey wire di ANC with abuse sake of campaign promises wey dem no do dey make am jolli.

Na for streets her real power dey but she still popular for ANC sotay she dey always score di highest number of votes for di national executive council wey dey control di party.

Economic Freedom Fighters, wey be political party group wey comot from ANC, follow her type of politics and dem don become di third biggest party for South Africa.

Last-last, even though Winnie Madikizela na pesin wey her wahala too much, na confam say, she go remain one of di heroes of South Africa, alongside her former husband.