Commonwealth of Nations still dey relevant?

  • Onyinye Chime
  • Broadcast Journalist, BBC News Pidgin
Nigeria president Muhammadu Buhari and Patricia Scotland (R), secretary-general of the Commonwealth
Wetin we call dis foto,

Nigeria president Muhammadu Buhari (L) and Patricia Scotland (R), secretary-general of the Commonwealth

Commonwealth Games 2018 no only dey remind pipo about sports, but also about dat old question wey dey dia mind, but wey dem never fit find answer.

Many pipo dey wonder why Commonwealth of Nations exist reach today; wetin be im purpose and wetin dem dey gain as member?

Before-before, di organisation bin get some kain benefits for members like, to enter Britain without visa.

But today, some kontri pipo like Nigerians no even fit smell Britain without visa plus plenti money for account.

Di organisation bin also bring members together through programmes like technical aid corp, scholarships and games.

Dis programmes bin reign wen dem first start and pipo show enough interest but no be now again.

Pipo wey see am as good tin believe say, di koko of Commonwealth na to promote respect and peace among im members, plus including oda ogbonge values.

Wetin we call dis foto,

Commonwealth Games na one of the tins wey di organisation dey take bring im members together.

Chiamaka Ndika, na regional manager for Commonwealth scholarship and fellowship for West and Southern Africa, she say, di common history wey all di kontris wey dey Commonwealth get with British govment na im make di organisation "relevant."

According to her, one area wey strong pass for di organisation na scholarship - free education - and many Nigerians don really enjoy dis awuf.

Today, plenti pipo dey only see Commonwealth of Nations as power wey Britain bin get on top kontris wey dem colonise for way back.

Di thing be say, pipo wey dey think like dat "no dey wrong" because na so Commonwealth first take start, dis na wetin Associate Prof. Chukwuma Osakwe, Head, Centre for di Study of Leadership and Complex Military operations, Nigeria Defence Academy, talk.

Wetin we call dis Video,

2018 Commonwealth Games: Na only best effort dey bring medal- Daniel Igali

Osakwe say, if you check am as par say na multilateral organisation - dat na organisation wey bring more than two kontris with di same interest together - di organisation still dey very relevant.

He say, e dey provide member kontris opportunity to form oda relationship even outside di organisation.

Still, di believe for some pipo be say, kontris fit still form dis kain relationship without Commonwealth. For dem, as far as dem concern, Commonwealth don become old school.

Hamzat Lawal, CEO of Connected Development say, di thing still "dey exist because leaders no understand wetin sovereignty of state" mean.

He say, as far as im concern, na like "bringing all your slaves together."

About commonwealth

Commonwealth of Nations name before dem change am na British Commonwealth.

All di members na former colony of Britain. But inside all di kontris wey Britain colonise, two of dem, Burma and Aden no be members.

London Declaration for 1949 na im create Commonwealth with Queen Elizabeth II as oga.

Till today, one major condition to join na to gree say Queen Elizabeth na di head.

Many-many years later, kontri pipo for some of di member kontris no sure weda di organisation still make sense.