'Drug abuse na problem for school pikin dem' - Cameroon Principal

Ciga na one di drug wey be pickin dey abuse anyhow
Wetin we call dis foto,

Ciga na one di drug wey be pickin dey abuse anyhow

"Laik odas dem, cigarette don become laik normal tin, we bi fit see one stick for school pikin e bag, and socks for inside school. But de big problem na drug abuse weh e di rise", David Bom, Principal for Lycee de Tsinga tell BBC News Pidgin.

De school di try for push deh sellers far from around de school compound, even if school pikin dem know wusai dey di buy de drugs, deh di go far way for get de drugs dem, na so e tok.

Bom suggest say ngomna get for look outside school area reach for quarter dem.

School areas get for bi now from house to school, sellers no di kam again for school area for seka say school dey strict but wait for pikin dem for quarter.

Wetin we call dis foto,

David Bom na Principal for Lycee Tsinga

Eric Ndikum, from Framework Convention Alliance for Tobacco Control, big civil society for world weh e di work for implement World Health Organisation, WHO framework on tobacco control, weh na also member for Cameroon Coalition to Counter Tobacco add say drug abuse and cigarette na big problem as companies di try for grab de youths dia attention wen deh still dey small.

Ndikum say, "small boxes for sell sweets also get cigarette too inside, even some teachers dem di smoke and as school pikin di see teacher laik model deh check say na tin for copy" .

If you get nine school pikin dem, five be exposed for cigarette and drugs dem. And dis na area weh pipo bi be put eye for see weti di happen, Ndikim explain.

Wetin we call dis foto,

Eric Ndikum join odas for draft law for protect pikin dem from drug abuse

For protect pikin dem from drugs, Cameroon Coalition to Counter Tobacco meet with school principals for draft law weh deh go give government.

De law na for protect children make deh no smoke first cigarette and from survey for small boxes around schools, de coalition di draft recommendation for give government.

Now so, Cameroon no get national tobacco control law, regulatory measures dem dey laik law for 2006 weh e di stop advertisement. But dis law no fit correct any tin for seka say e no dey for inside any regulatory platform, Ndikum tok.

Even as smoke free smoke regulation dey for some ministries and secondary education di start for create club for sensitise pikin dem, de small-small law dem no di concern all man and na why we want law weh e go hold all man, Dr Flore Ndembi Yembe president for Cameroon Coalition to Counter Tobacco tok.