Australian officials bost over 50 fake Ghanaian journalists who dey face deportation

Ghana delegate for Gold Coast 2018 Commonwealth Games for Australia
Wetin we call dis foto,

Ghana delegate dem for Gold Coast 2018 Commonwealth Games for Australia

Australian officials bost over 50 Ghanaian journalists wey shedda do demma body like journalists, dem dey process dem for deportation after officials discover say dem no be true journalists.

One of di supposed journalists wey dem want deport from Australia talk Accra-based radio station Atinka FM say he no be journalist. But as he hear of di tournament he den pay some people some officials for di Ghana Olympics Committee between USD 2000-5000 make dem use di tournament as care-of den travel go Australia.

Even though those wey dem deport get genuine visa, dem no dey carry equipment like recorders den recommended mobile phones for coverage.

Deputy Sports Minister Pious Enam Hadidze say government go investigate di issue of how di deportees enter Australia, so dem dey look at potential case of visa racketeering den deal with di culprits who dey behind dis matter.

BBC News Pidgin follow up plus Australian High Commission in charge of Immigration for Kenya on some key issues, we dey wait demma response on di matter.

Government of Ghana say dem open investigations into di matter make dem uncover how all these persons fit get visa den take travel to Australia.