Julius Bio enta office as new Sierra Leone presido two hours afta result come out

Julius Bio

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Sierra Leone new presido Julius Maada Bio and im wife Fatima afta dem vote for di run-off presidential election on 31 March 2018

E fit dey surprising to pesin wey no dey live for Sierra Leone, di quick-quick way dem swear in new President Maada Bio, just two hours after di electoral commission announce di result.

One Sierra Leone government worker [wey no gree make we mention her name] tell BBC News Pidgin say e no dey new to pipo for inside di country because na law dem follow.

She say: ''Our constitution [1996] talk say, di same day dem confam who win di election, dem fit swear am in sharpaly.''

Julius Maada Bio enta office as new presido for Sierra Leone, afta dem declare am wina of di presidential run-off election.

Bio, wey be former military leader more than 20 years ago, win 51.81 percent of di votes for last month election, according to official results. But im opponent say im go contest di result.

Im defeat party wey bin sidon for di chair, Samura Kamara, wey get 48.19 percent of di vote.

Dis one go end Kamara All Peoples' Congress (APC) rule for di West Africa kontri.

Wia dis foto come from, Getty Images

Wetin we call dis foto,

Di election bin tight well-well between di two parties

As dem announce di election result, di kontri top judge sharpaly swear am in as presido as thousands of Bio supporters wey gada for di capital Freetown on Wednesday evening, begin jollificate.

Kamara wey lose, say im dey reject di results and say make im supporters remain calm.

"We no gree with di results and we go take legal action to correct dem," im talk for television.

Im say di results no resemble wetin di party claim about magomago for di election.