'Men, women, everybody suppose join di fight against rape'

Woman wey cover her face.

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Wetin we call dis foto,

Na only 18 per cent rape cases dem don convict for Nigeria as at 2015.

One of di main problem wey dey face pipo especially women for Nigeria na rape.

Different organizations and reports don do research where dem quote different figures of how many women don be victim of rape for Nigeria. Some say na 1 in 5 girls don fall victim of rape for Nigeria while others dey quote say na 1 in 10.

Even though say di correct figures no dey confam, one tin wey dey sure be say rape dey happen steady for Nigeria.

Even as rape bad reach for Nigeria, na only 18 cases dem don try for court and plenti women still dey at risk, both young and old.

'Pipo dey see rape as normal tin'

Nigerian publisher and digital strategist, Chidi Okereke tell BBC News Pidgin say di main reason why rape culture dey increase for Nigeria na because Nigeria no get strict laws against rape.

"Men fit rape pesin and dem go waka free because di law against rape dey really really bad".

Mr Okereke say different tins dey wey pipo fit do to end rape for Nigeria.

Wetin we call dis Video,

'Men, women, everybody suppose join di fight against rape.'

  • Kill di entitlement mentality - no man own any woman bodi.
  • Stop to dey victim-blame and victim-shame - create environment wey di person go dey comfortable to talk wetin happen to am.
  • Lawmakers go need to create stronger laws against rape wey go increase di punishment.
  • Teach small pikin dem about rape and even put am inside di school curriculum.

To fight against rape, some states for Nigeria like Lagos state don increase di punishment for rape to life imprisonment.

Dem also get one organisation wey dem dey call Domestic and Sexual Violence Response Team (DSVRT) wey dey handle rape cases for di state.

Titilola Vivour Adeniyi wey be di team coordinator of DSVRT tell BBC News Pidgin say dem don convict 3 cases of rape for Lagos dis year.

She say di organisation don make pipo get courage dey report rape cases unlike before wen dem go just sweep am under carpet.