Why Nigerian documentaries no dey get platform?

Pipo wey dey for discussion session for IREP Image copyright IREP Film Festival
Image example IREP give young film makers opportunity to learn and interact with oda film makers from within and outside Nigeria to beta dia work

One way to record history and important tins wey happen na either to write am for book or do am for film.

Dat na wetin documentary film makers dey do.

But to keep beta record for di ogbonge tins wey dey happen for Africa, to tell di correct story of Africa as e concern politics, economy, history, customs and traditions of di pipo naim dey ginger i-Represent International Documentary Film Festival, iREP.

Di festival dey gather pipo wey dey do documentary for Nigeria and around di world to show dia work and share dia experience and see how dem fit improve dia work.

Co-Founder and Executive Director of iREP, Femi Odugbemi tell BBC Pidgin say apart from all di ogbonge documentaries wey dem dey show from within and outside Nigeria, dem dey also train young documentary producers on di way dem go carry do beta work.

Im say dis one dey important to make African cinema more dan just jollificate mata but place wey go make pipo think well and talk about di tins wey dey important and how e affect pipo.

"we dey create opportunities for all dis young-young film makers from different part of Nigeria and from different part of di world make dem meet, talk, network, integrate, make dem see how dem go work togeda."

Na so Femi talk.

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iREP Festival wey dey showcase documentary happen for Lagos, Nigeria.

Young film makers rub mind with ogbonge producers from African countries like South Africa, Zimbabwe, Ghana, Cameroon, Senegal, Cote d'Ivoire, Burkina Faso, Uganda, Kenya, Tanzania, Ghana, Cameroon, Egypt, Algeria, and Mali as well as from USA, Germany, France.

One big mata wey dey worry many of di documentary producers na say even though dem get plenty documentaries wey dey touch plenti-plenti issues, dem no get beta platform to showcase dem.

Image example Digitization go provide many channels and na for stations wey get di platforms to get beta content from di many documentaries wey already dey

Abisodun Adewale wey be entertainment and intellectual property lawyer say wit time tins go change with di digitisation wey Nigerian government don dey do, e go provide beta opportunity to show all di documentary dem.

She also advise film makers dem to make sure say dem do di correct legal tins so dia copyright and work no go just loss.

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