Shaka Zulu, di greatest army general and King for Africa

Shaka Zulu

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Shaka Zulu

For world today, some of di leaders wey pipo dey respect pass include Vladimir Putin for Russia, Crown Prince Mohamed bin Salman for Saudi Arabia and Benjamin Netanyahu for Israel because dem dey join politics with strong military power and ready to fight war anytime, any day.

But before-before when Kings and Queens dey rule, special respect bin dey for warrior-rulers, wey no dey fear to carry sword to enter battleground. Europe get Napoleon, for Asia na Genghis Khan but for Africa dis pesin na Sigidi kaSenzangakhona a.k.a Shaka.

Shaka na di great king wey start di Zulu Kingdom for 19th century but im tori from grass to grace na like tori for movie. Many years ago for 1787, for inside one small village dem dey call Zulu, wey dey today South Africa, one woman born pikin she call Shaka to one local chief.

Shaka na bastard, because im mama and papa no marry so dem drive di pikin comot for Zulu village. Shaka no enjoy dis time because any village mama and pikin carry head enter, dem dey give am tough time unto say im be bastard.

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Last-last, na di Mthethwa pipo welcome Shaka for dia area and im join army as student, train under Chief Dingiswayo and soon im become chief commander. Tori be say wetin make promotion quick for Shaka be say im get good body for warrior-soldier and im also get di sweet mouth of politician. Dis combination set am apart from other commanders.

When Shaka papa die for 1816, Dingiswayo help im best student, Shaka do coup, for wia dem kill im older brothers for Zulu village. Dis allow Shaka become di only remaining pesin wey fit be chief.

Around dis time, di pipo of Zulu no reach 1,500 but Shaka get big plans. Di warrior-king begin carry im army enter village to village dey nack dem strong tin. One by one dem defeat all dia enemies, including di Langeni pipo wey give Shaka tough time wen im be pikin.

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Henry Cele act as Shaka for di 1999 movie, Shaka Zulu: The Citadel The Epic Mini Series

One of di things wey make di Zulu army strong be say, dem dey use new weapons wey include, di 'assegais'. Dis na short spear but with long sharp blade, wey dey kill enemies sharpaly.

Anoda reason be say, Zulu soldiers no dey wear shoe, na leg dem dey use waka and e dey make dem strong kakaraka.

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Map of Zulu kingdom during Shaka time

By 1823, di small Zulu village don become kingdom with big big lands for southern Africa and thousands of pipo.

But Shaka begin change slow-slow until im turn dictator against im own pipo, begin dey misbehave. Wen white pipo first come Natal around 1824, wey be di new country for di Zulu pipo, Shaka first befriend dem.

Im get plans to do market with dem but also im get secret plans to use dia ogbonge weapons to hama dem. But three years later friend turn enemy and dem begin fight dia sef.

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Zulu chief and former president Jacob Zuma

During di war between di whites and Zulu kingdom, tori be say na di death of im mama, Nandi na im turn Shaka into crase man sotay im kill-kill hundreds of Zulu including mama dem wey carry belle and dia husbands follow dem go grave. Na dis kain wickedness make Shaka begin get enemies even for inside im family.

Na for September 1828, di junior brothers of Shaka set trap for am wey dem use kill am. Last-last di death of Shaka, weaken di Zulu pipo and e create chance for white pipo to take control for di kingdom.

For today South Africa, di name of Zulu kingdom na Kwa Zulu-Natal, wey be big province, and former president Jacob Zuma, na dia most popular son of di soil. Im rule di country as head of state and commander in chief until February 2018.