Jacob Zuma say im be victim of politics unto $2.5m magomago

Jacob Zuma

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Jacob Zuma for court

Court for South Africa don charge former presido, Jacob Zuma unto one weapons deal for 1990.

Afta di 75-year-old show for di High Court for 15 minutes for Friday morning, dem postpone di case until 8 June.

Zuma dey face 16 different kain offence for High Court for Durban wey include corruption and money laundering.

Zuma, wey di ruling Africa National Congress (ANC) party use force carry am comot for state house for February, don talk say im dey innocent.

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Zuma supporters for court

Im supporters turn up outside di court to give am moral support, while im rivals happy say dis case wey suppose don happen tey-tey don finally happen.

After di hearing, Zuma talk to di crowd, wey come show am say dem dey shoulder-to-shoulder with am for dis im latest struggle.

''I neva see am before wia dem charge someone with crime, den dem cancel di charge, den three years later carry dis same charge nack for pesin head. Dis na just politics," Zuma talk for Zulu.

Later, im come sing and dance with dem.

Dis court case fit drag, already one battle don start on top weda di ANC gofment suppose continue dey finance Zuma lawyers.

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Security tight for High Court for Durban

Dis case na special test for South Africa young democracy because dis na di first time, former presido go face law for serious crime.

Zuma na deputy presido for di time of di arms deal wey happen for 1994.

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South Africa military

Im former financial adviser don go prison for 2005 afta court talk say im dey guilty for bribe wey im dey try collect from one French arms firm for Zuma.

Supporters, wey believe say dis court case na politics, do vigil for Zuma for Thursday.

Di mata don give South African politics bad name for many years afta gofment lawyers comot di charges on top Zuma head wen im become presido for 2009.

But im political rivals for di opposition Democratic Alliance and Economic Freedom Fighters party don fight big-big battle to bring back di charges.

Zuma supporters believe dis case na witch hunt because di former presido wan reform di economy wey go help millions of di majority black pipo comot for poverty.