Covenant University: One inch hair, no bia-bia and oda ways to be di 'Total Man'

Na pictures like dis one comot from Covenant afta dem cut students hair anyhow

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Wetin we call dis foto,

Na pictures like dis one comot from Covenant afta dem cut students hair anyhow

Na so so 'rat chop' hairstyle na im many students for Covenant University dey carry for dia head.

Covenant wey dey for Ogun State, south west Nigeria na one of di private universities for di kontri and parents dey pay big money make dia pikin go dia.

Tori be say students wey no carry bible go church for service, na im di chaplaincy carry clipper start to dey use barber guys hair scatter-scatter, say dem no dress well.

Di vex wey di mata start no be small.

Wetin we call dis Video,

'I don lose friends because of my dada'

BBC News Pidgin talk to some pipo for di university to confam di tori and dem talk say na true, say: "na one clipper sef wey dem use to just cut pipo hair anyhow sake of say e pass one inch."

But di students wey we talk to beg say make we no call dia name because di school fit do dem strong tin as dem dey write exam and nobody wan wahala.

Di school authorities neva talk anything for di mata. We call dem tire, afta dat one we send dem email till now dem neva ansa anybody ontop why dem do dat kain tin.

'Na so di university dey do'

John (wey no be im real name) na former student wey go Covenant and we ask am say make e talk e own for di mata.

Im say: "Covenant University na institution wey dey use Christian values, as e be so dia style na to 'arrange' di student between wetin im like and im no like, so dat dem go say na holy-holy pesin fit help di economy as new generation of leaders."

"Na dis kain thinking na im di school dey use to do students anyhow sotay if you show yourself, dem fit send you go your papa house."

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Many schools dey talk say 'dress how you want to be addressed'

Dressing na one of di ways many school dey use to control dia students.

"For Covenant dem get one course wey dem dey call 'Total Man' (through di Total Man Concept course) and for here dem go say e dey very important make students look 'responsible.'

"But di teachers wey dey handle all dis kain rules go come overdo and dem come dey do by-force make students cut all dia hair and bia-bia."

'I don suffer for di school hand sef'

Jane (no be real name) wey graduate last year from Covenant University talk say different tins dey appun for di school, and one tin wey di school no like na wen pesin talk anytin for social media wey go make pipo say di school no good like dat in terms of freedom.

"In terms of education, di school make sense but outside dat one, tins get k-leg."

"Craze tins dey appun during Easter period onto say dem dey do one compulsory - Youth Alive program wey dem dey arrange close to di major exams."

Jane talk say she get palava afta she post one video wey dey show katakata during church service.

"I bin post video for Twitter wen one assistant student chaplain slap one undergraduate for stage - I no even show wen di slap, na im I dey for hostel wen dem come 'arrest' say why I post di video."

John talk say dem don force am to cut im head many times wen im be student for Covenant University.

Wia dis foto come from, Twitter

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Some pipo even talk say why parents go think say na school go arrange dia pikin well

'Freedom of speech dey, but I not fit guarantee freedom afta speech'

Human right lawyer, Jake Effoduh talk im own for di mata.

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Jake Effoduh dey wonda why be say parents dey think say na di university go make dia pikin good

Im say "students wey dey dia 20s suppose act like say dem young before dem go dey like pikin wen dem reach 30."

"Di school dey try for education mata based on say parents dey pay bi-big money, but education pass dat one say dem go use by-force to dey do holy-holy for pikin dem."

Im also talk say wetin be di sense for pikin wey dey school come catch sometin like HIV or Hepatitis B as dem dey use one clipper barber dia hair unto say dem wan make di pikin reach heaven.