Offa robbery: Five million naira reward for any pesin wey sabi di robbers

Govnor Abdulfatah Ahmed on Saturday announce five million Naira reward for anypesin wey get information wey go help to catch di pipo wey attack Offa town on Thursday.

Di govnor ask pipo wey get useful information on top di mata to contact di Kwara state police command with di following telephone numbers (‭0803 739 1280‬ and 0803 702 4320).

Di number of pipo wey die for Thursday armed robbery attack for Offa town inside Kwara State for north central Nigeria don increase to 17, according to police.

Kwara State police talk-talk pesin Okasannmi Ajayi tell BBC News Pidgin say out of dis 17 pipo, nine na police and eight na civilians.

Some tori pipo dey report say na 30 pipo die but DSP Ajayi say na 17 pipo police know say don die for di attack. Im say odas wey wound dey for hospitals for Offa and University of Ilorin Teaching Hospital.

Di Police PRO talk say 'na seven suspect we don arrest. We also don recover seven motor and some phones dem wey di robbers use carry out di attack'.

Wetin bin happen for Offa

Tori be say, di armed robbers wey come di area for di one hour operation fit reach up to 30.

Di robbers land di area for 4pm Thursday 5 April, block road den enta plenty commercial banks and di police station wey dey di area wia dem kill nine policemen wey include one pregnant policewoman.By di time di robbers finish dia bad-bad work, dem don steal millions of naira.

Inspector General of police don send im special intelligence unit enter Offa town to investigate di mata and dem don also open di area make pipo for return back to dia normal life.

Offa na mainly yoruba speaking area for Kwara state north central Nigeria with Muslim and Christian pipo wey dey live together.