Anglophone crisis: Give we back delegate e bodi if e don die or free yi-Broda

Army for Bamenda

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Family for social affairs delegate weh deh kidnap for Northwest nearly two months now say deh don be confused for de mata.

"Aaron Nimbong Yong na social worker, no bi policy maker, family di beg say make pipo weh dey keep e, free'am if e still dey alive or make deh give we e die bodi", Rev. Abraham Kicha, delegate e broda tell BBC News Pidgin.

"Now so, de family be confused as some pipo say delegate don die, odas no care and some pesin tell me say e don die, we care for we broda, and we wan know de truth for dis mata", Kicha add.

Kicha say delegate e woman don stress finish and e boy pikin di so-so sick even and de whole family dey for pain.

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Ambazonia forces kidnap social affairs delegate for Batibo for Northwest region after deh bi don kidnap de DO for Batibo.

Even as de family di worry for dia broda, Chris Anu Southern Cameroons, pro-independence group communication secretary di accuse Cho Ayaba, AGE commander for Ambazonia Defence Forces say e get hand for social affairs delegate e die

"We no be start dis revolution for kill victims, but de pipo weh deh make we victims, ah no get apology for call Cho Ayaba for killing for man weh e be bi victim, laik you and me, pastor", Anu write.

But, Cho Ayaba no react when BBC News Pidgin contact e, Ayaba no react for accusation say e get hand for social affairs delegate, e die.

Even as pro-independence group and de forces di scatter and family social affairs delegate dey inside pain and confusion weda e dey alive or e don die.

Even so plenty pipo di ask why ngomna nova try for helep search for de delegate and de DO weh de deh kidnap laik deh claim for free exam board chair, tourists and odas.