'I no want anybodi to go through di kain depression I suffer'

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Video by: Daniel Semeniworima, Joshua Akinyemi

Her Mama, friends, even her husband and pikin no understand Jennifer Oyeyemi wen she begin suffer depression afta her only boy pikin die.

"At dat time I no wan even talk to anybodi I just wan be alone, my husband no even notice, I begin think say na spiritual problem."

Na wetin Jennifer Oyeyemi talk wen she share her experience with BBC News Pidgin Daniel Semeniworima on top how she survive depression wen her only boy pikin die 2016 for Lagos, Nigeria.

Her case serious afta she born anoda girl pikin di following year so tey she get to fight for her life.

Image example One out of every ten woman wey just born pikin fit suffer 'Postpartum depression' - dat na depression afta woman don born, according to Professor Abiodun Adewuya

Now she don dey recover with di help of one NGO - Mental Health in Primary Care (MeHPhric) wey dey help treat pipo wey dey suffer dis kain sickness.

Research don show say 90 percent of mental health palava na pipo wey dey suffer depression and fear, according to Centre for Mental Health Research and Initiative.

Na between five to ten percent of pipo for any kontri dey at risk of depression, na wetin di research talk.

Professor Abiodun Adewuya wey be Principal Investigator Mental Health in Primary Care (MeHPhric) Lagos project say im NGO dey help make Primary Health Centres fit treat pipo wey get mental health palava.

Image example Professor Abiodun Adewuya with im team members for Mental Health in Primary Care (MeHPhric) dey Lagos state to help gofment solve mental health palava

"For Lagos alone na like two million pipo dey at risk of mental sickness and di special doctors wey fit treat dis kain sickness no pass 50." Adewuya wey be professor of psychiatry tell we tori pesin.

"Na dis one make we begin train oda doctors and health workers for Primary Health Centres and General hospitals to sabi how to treat pipo wey get mental health sickness, particularly dose wey suffer depression afta dem born pikin,' na wetin im talk.

Jennifer Oyeyemi dey among at least 1000 pipo wey don get treatment out of di 23,000 case dem wey MeHPhric don discover to give help.

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