Facebook scandal: Who else dey hold your information?

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Even as Facebook dey struggle to solve di palava wey dem don enta on top how one company carry 87 million pipo information comot dia domot, pipo don dey chook eye on top how companies dey 'harvest' pipo personal information.

To carry pipo information na big business wey reach millions of dollars and di tin be say, you fit no know who dey hold your information, wetin dem dey do with am and how you fit delete am.

If you don dey follow di tori wey dey ground say one company - Cambridge Analytica - carry pipo information go use am do election for some kontri dem.

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Image example Tori say Cambridge Analytica, carry information of ova 50 million Facebook users go use am mago-mago for elections inside many kontri, including Nigeria.

Facebook oga, Mark Zuckerberg don tell pipo sorry and e dey prepare to face lawmakers for US Congress on top di mata.

But e be like say companies like Cambridge Analytica boku and wetin dem dey do na to gather pipo information sell give odas.

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Image example Facebook carry apology letter give dia users say dis tin no suppose happen

CNBC tori pipo report say, Facebook suspend anoda company CubeYou wey dey like Cambridge Analytica because dem use di same tactic gada information.

CubeYou say, no be true because dem dey always obey di law.

Who dey gada una information?

Pipo wey dey campaign to protect pipo information say thousands of companies dey track how pipo dey behave for internet and di information dem dey give.

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Image example News Agency of Nigeria reports say Nigeria goment wan investigate weda Cambridge Analytica get hand for 2007 and 2015 election.

Frederike Kaltheuner, di data programme lead for Privacy International talk say "na international business and no be only internet e dey."

"Dem dey use loyalty card and dem dey use wi-fi to track mobile phone. E dey very difficult to know wetin dem dey use your informaton do.

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Image example Frederike Kaltheuner say we no fit know wetin companies know

Ms Kaltheuner say e reach like 600 apps wey enta di information wey dey her iPhone in six years, so she don decide to carry di mata for head to know wetin dis pipo know about her.

"E fit reach one year before I sabi wetin dey but I no go gree for anybodi wey go try stop me."

To know which kain information dem get na one tin, to know weda na di correct info na anoda mata.

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Image example Sometimes, di information wey dem put for your head for internet no be your own

Pamela Dixon, wey be executive director for World Privacy Forum talk say "dem make mistake for how much I dey make, weda I marry or I no marry."

She talk am after she do small investigation on top di company wey dey gada information of pipo and dey sell give oda pipo all ova di world.

Wetin Facebook dey do?

Di company don talk say pipo wey dey dia site go soon know weda dem dey among 87 million wey Cambridge Analytica share dia information.

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Image example Lawmakers for US Congress say dem wan make Facebook oga Mark Zuckerberg come answer kweshun on top di mata.

Everybodi wey get account go get email wey go tell dem if e affect dia account.

Pipo go also see all di apps wey dem use for Facebook and di informate wey di apps gada.

Facebook oga, Mark Zuckerberg dey prepare to give two days testimony to US Congress for Washington.

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