Buhari 2019: Our mumu don do - Sowore

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Sowore say na mistake say young pipo comot hand for Nigeria mata

Owner of Sahara Reporters, Omoyele Sowore, don join di pipo wey declare say dem wan contest run for president for 2019.

Oga Buhari bin declare im own Monday 9 April, say na di pipo dey demand say make im run again to be presido for 2019.

Im personal assistant for New Media, Bashir Ahmad bin first break di tori for im Twitter page on Monday, say di presido go run again.

Sowore follow di protests against military wen im dey young, even wen im still dey for school sef.

E follow BBC News Pidgin yan say di reason why im wan become president na because e don tire to dey see pipo elect wrong pipo enta power.

Mr Sowore say na mistake say young pipo comot hand after dem drive military comot, say na since 30 years wey im don dey fight for pipo.

Sowore no talk di political party wey im go join but say e dey "talk to oda party wey neva taste too much power so dem go combine effort togeda come jam dem for centre."

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