Anglophone crisis: Give proof say army di commit atrocities- Spokesperson

Cameroon soldiers for dey stand for dia station dey watch Image copyright Getty Images

Spokesperson for Cameroon army, Colonel Didier Badjeck don tok say make deh give proof for army excesses for Anglophone regions dem.

E tok dis wan afta weh Barrister Felix Nkongho Agbor Balla, human rights lawyer, weh na executive director for centre for human rights and democracy in Africa accuse army say deh di burn pipo and dia property.

Army spokesperson weh no gree answer BBC News Pidgin tell AFP before say, Cameroon get independence for 1960 and deh no welcome any lesson for how weh defence forces get for do dia work for protected population. We no wan respond for some kain intoxication and distraction, e add.

E bi amazing how some actors from de region di fake and transform truth, we di ask say make deh give we proof of army excesses, de spokesperson tok.

De human rights lawyer say military attack and burn plenty house for Mungo Ndor wan village for Koupe Manengouba.

Na for de process deh burn Egbe Maria Ndonge weh e bi di sleep for house and resident confam say deh burn churches.

De lawyer say deh don receive report say military di killing civilians and di spoil dia property, and for yi, na war crime weh deh get for investigate proper.

As e condemn how army di kill pipo and spoil dia property for house, de lawyer say make ngomna give access for journalists and human rights organisations.

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