If you dey wait for one million, na long tin you dey - Woman shoemaker

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'I don tire to dey hear say I need experience'

Dis days women no send weda work na for only men, if dem like di work, dem go chook head inside.

Meet Nkiru Emodi, 31 year old accountancy graduate from Nigeria wey pack her certificate keep one side to face work as shoemaker.

Nigeria na society wey di believe be say, women no suppose do some kain work wey only men suppose do.

Image example Nkiru Emodi say she happy say, even as woman, pipo don accept say her shoes na good shoes.

But Emodi no send society, as she decide say to become shoemaker na her way to take put garri for table.

She say, "I no wan sidon for house no dey do anytin." She also say, "I bin wan do somtin wey go bring money, but also "give oda pipo wey dey like me work."

Image copyright Nkiru Emodi

Even as unemployment dey bite kontri pipo, young pipo dey dream to go school, get certificate by thunder by fire, den get work for ogbonge companies wey go start to pay dem army robber salary.

Emodi say, even she sef bin follow look for office work wey go sama her plenti moni. But as "frustration" wan kee her on top say she no see work, she jejeli go find wetin dey make am happy, turn am to business.

Image copyright Nkiru Emodi

She say, she "love shoes" no be small and anytime you call her to make shoes, "even for midnight" she no mind at all.

She say, pipo wey sidon dey wait until dem get one million Naira ($2,800) before dem begin business, na long tin.

To start dis shoe business, na ninety thousand Naira ($249) she take begin, den gradually grow di moni.

Wahala wey stop young pipo from business

Enough wahala dey for young Nigerian graduates wey wan start business. Most times di major palava no be moni mata, even though moni mata na im own problem.

•Most young pipo for Nigeria believe say dem no suppose go school finish come dirty demself with labourer work like shoemaker, poultry, farming and oda tinz like dat.

•Di ones wey wan enta business believe say dem need millions of naira to start. Dem no fit manage small moni den watch am grow.

•Every business get im own secret. But pipo no get patience to go learn di secret of di business wey dem wan start, so dat dem go know how dia own fit survive competition.

•Di ones wey see moni to start business dey take mouth chop di capital finish.

•If you chook more eye inside di mata, issues dey for society wey dey kee small business before dem fit balance. Big business no dey allow small business grow at all. Dem dey pursue dem comot from market.

•Di kain laws wey goment get no dey pity or support small business.

•Last-last, social media feem trick dey deceive many young pipo to tink say e easy to hammer without hard work.

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