Herdsmen and farmers palava don kill 2000 pipo for Nigeria

Women wey dey cry Image copyright Getty Images
Image example Benue State na one of di areas wey dis fight-fight don reali affect

One Human rights group for Nigeria say e pass 2000 pipo wey don die for inside fight-fight between farmers and pipo wey dey herd cow for di kontri for di last 18 months.

For inside report wey dem release on Monday, di Coalition on Conflict Resolution and Human Rights say e reach plenti thousand pipo too wey di palava don make comot wia dem be dey stay.

Di join-bodi gada dia information as dem chook eye inside how pipo dey lose dia live, property, and oda tins wey happen as a result of di fight between di famers and di herdsmen dem.

States wey dey for di north-central region for Nigeria including Benue, Taraba, Plateau, Kogi and Nasarawa , dis one don even make dem declare state of emergency for inside some of dis state dem.

Even though di army don send dia men go some of di area dem to control di situation and dem don arrest some pipo ontop di mata, tori be say si di bad pipo dem still dey attack some village dem wey no near town for dis state dem.

Some oda bad gang wey no join for di initial palava don still join dey capitalize on di situation wey dey ground to steal and kill from di community dem.

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