Muslims reject 'nonfa' proposal say make Imams use Whatsapp call worshippers for prayer

Muslims dey pray for prayer ground Image copyright Getty Images

Muslims for Ghana reject di proposal say make Imams try den use Whats App call demma worshippers for prayer, dem describe di proposal as 'nonfa.'

Dis reaction emerge after di Minister for Environment, Science den Technology Professor Frimpong Boateng urge Imans say make dem try shun dey use megaphones den consider text messages den WhatsApp, call Muslims for worship.

According to di Minister dis go help reduce noise pollution for di country.

"Why say when e be time for prayer dem no go communicate am through text message or Whats App, so that di Imam go send Whats App message give everybody say e be time for prayer so make you show up" Professor Boateng suggest.

But Spokesperson of National Chief Imam, Sheikh Aremeyaw Shaibu for interview inside plus BBC Pidgin object to di calls, he argue say "di call to prayer via voice be traditional to Islam wey e dey form part of Muslim identity, dis be something which we no go fit change"

Meanwhile, menerz wey be Muslims bore for social media sake of e check like what Professor Boateng dey talk no dey make sense.

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