Nigeria population don reach 198 million - NPC

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More women dey live for city pass men and young pipo dey run go big city dem. And oh, Nigeria population don increase to 198 million.

Dis na some di facts wey Nigeria National Population Commission (NPC) just release wey explain how tins be as e concern population for di kontri.

NPC Chairman, Eze Duruiheoma, as e dey tok for New York, say Nigeria don become number seven for di world and still remain number one for Africa for kontri wey get population pass.

And e neva finish. oga Duruiheoma tok say World Population Prospects dey predict say by 2050, Nigeria go promote go number three for di world.

But di tin dey give NPC headache because many pipo dey leave village go city and e go make tins hard pass di way e dey already.

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Image example Poor maintenance culture don soil many tins come make am hard for pipo to live jolly for many cities for Nigeria

Young pipo and odas wey dey run from kasala for dia area enta big city dem na problem because di big city wey dem dey run go dey struggle already.

Mr Duruiheoma say poverty dey for Nigeria and unemployment na 18.4%, according to wetin National Bureau of Statistics tok.

Dis kain tin no dey help pipo, especially women abd children, live correct life style.

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Image example Beta business environment go encourage young pipo to get small small business as dem de do for China

But Babatunde Raimi, wey be public analyst tell BBC Pidgin say dis population figure fit work for good or bad, depend on how goment handle am.

One way na to encourage business so young pipo fit get dia own business, instead of to dey pursue who go employ dem.

Raimi say on top corruption mata, goment gats to handle am seriously so dat all di tins wey suppose work go dey.

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