Wetin fit make pesin give Nepa sack letter?

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One community for Shomolu area of Lagos bin protest against di Power Holding Company of Nigeria wey Nigerians dey call Nepa.

But no be di usual protest dis community do. Dem no carry placard, dem no do parade, na signboard wey get warning to NEPA dem carry put for dia transformer.

Image example No be today pipo dey para say dem dey pay for light wey dem no dey see

Ikechukwu wey dey live for di area talk say im don tire for di light wahala wey dem dey face. Im talk say di light wey dem dey see no dey even reach 30 minutes but Nepa go still dey bring crazy bill every month.

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Image example Na generator many Nigerians dey use for house, shop, office and to buy petrol dey cost

Di light bill wey NEPA dey sama Ikechukwu dey reach N15,000. Im say na darkness dem dey pay for.

Di residents don complain tire give Nepa but wetin di power authorities do na to begin ration dia light - three days on, one day off. Dem say even on di days wey dem dey on, dem no go still see 24 hours light.

Dis na di same palava wey many pipo dey face for Nigeria sotay some no dey even disturb diasef with NEPA light again.

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Image example For February 2016 for Lagos, Labour unions do collabo with civil society pipo and students to protest against increase for electricity bill

Since di community members for di Fola Agoro area of Shomolu warn di power company make dem carry dia light go, dem never see flash of light for almost one week now. Na different sound of generator go first block your ear if you show face for di area now.

Barrister Esther Uzoma tell BBC News Pidgin say light from goment na mata of choice and anybody get right to decide say dem no want NEPA light again.

Di only wahala wey she say dey dia be say if na generator pipo dey use power dia house, e go cause serious pollution come even spoil di ozone layer join.

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