Meet di man behind Hints magazine

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Meet Toni Kan di guy wey write Hints Magazine

'After God, my mama, my papa na Hints o' na wetin Anthony Kanayo Onwordi aka Toni Kan take describe how e take start im writing career wey don make am wetin e be today.

Na award wey Toni Kan win wen im dey school for University of Jos na im e take start di writing journey and small meeting wey im get with Kayode Ajala, Reuben Abati and Ibe Kachukwu as e dey return from di school award waka wey carry am go Scotland.

Im start work for Hints Magazine wen im still dey 200 level for university.

After im finish school, do National Youth service for di kontri, im come continue wit Hints from 1992 -1995.

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Image example Opportunities boku for young writers no be only to do journalist or teacher work as dem think before

By di time im reach 25 years, im don become editor, wen im friends dem still dey find work.

Kan follow write most of di novels wey bin dey for di Thrills and Boon series wey bin follow Hints magazine.

Im don write don reach like twenty books plus di ones dem wey im publish by imself like 'Nights of the creaking bed' for 2008 wey be collection of short stories, two poetry collections and im latest one, 'The Carnivorous City' for 2016.

Im tell BBC Pidgin say him go soon release new book wey di title be 'Time Never Passes.'

Toni Kan wey bin wan be medical doctor wen im dey small, don do many many work - bank and telecoms sector - before but na writing na im be di main tin for am.

How im awards dey shak am

'Those awards make me confident say dis tin wey you dey do no be waste of time because wen you dey write, dem go don finish school you wan go be writer wetin be writer?'

As I win those awards come begin go abroad dey meet pipo, I come know say, hope dey; writing make sense.'

Image example Writing suppose be about human issues, wetin dey make pipo do wetin dem dey do

For young writers, Toni Kan say things don dey change for Nigeria and internet don make am easy to see sometin wey dem write.

Im say many opportunities dey for dem to show dia work weda na as screenplay writers for film, for websites, blogs or as journalist for di different media wey dey now and even as writers. I

m say before, writing na hobby but now na serious business.

Topics Wey Dem Resemble

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