Chibok girls, Nigeria Defence don reply Ahmad Salkida claim say Boko Haram kill 98 girls.

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Image example Four years since Boko Haram kidnap girl school pikins from Chibok

Nigeria Defence on Saturday talk say di tori say 98 chibok girls wey Boko Haram kolobi don die, na talk to discourage di gofment.

Na on Saturday one Nigerian journalist Ahmad Salkida wey get strong connection with militant group Boko Haram announce say na only 15 schoolgirls still dey alive, out of di 113 wey dey di hand of di group.

According to Ahmad Salkida, di school girls wey still alive for Boko Haram hand, dem don marry dem. Im challenge di Nigeria government to speak the truth.

'No be di first dem go hear say dem don kill or marry all di girls.' John Agim wey be defence spokesman tell local newspaper, The Cable.

Even afta all dat claim di Nigeria gofment still find way release of some of di girls dem, Im add.

Buhari $1bn for Nigeria military fit no solve Boko Haram palava - Captain Umaru

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Image example President Buhari say dem go make sure say dem release di remaining Chibok girls

'I no get di information say na only 15 out of 113 chibok girls wey Boko Haram kolobi still dey alive', na im Garuba Shehu, di Nigeria President talk talk pesin tell BBC afta Salkida announce am for Twitter to mark four years since wey di militant group kidnap di girls on April 14, 2014.

Fighting Boko Haram na one of di big promise dem wey President Buhammadu Buhari tell Nigeria wen im enta office May 2015, but three years afta Boko Haram still dey worry north-east Nigeria.

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Image example Former President Goodluck Jonathan and some Chibok girls for 2014

Mr Salkida talk say na di goment of former president Goodluck Jonathan bin give am job to negotiate for di release of the Chibok schoolgirls two weeks after carry dem for Goment Secondary School, Chibok, north east Nigeria.

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