Mali militants do style like UN peacekeepers to attack

UN don dey help for Mali to maintain peace Image copyright Getty Images
Image example UN don dey help for Mali to maintain peace

One rocket and car bomb attack for French and United Nation soldiers for Mali don kill one pesin and plenty pipo wound join.

Militants wey deo style like say dem be UN peacekeepers - dem wear di blue helmet and drive vehicle wey get di UN logo - attack two station near di airport for Timbuktu.

UN mission don confam say one of dia peacekeeper don kpai for dia attack.

Based on gofment talk, up to 12 pipo plus many French soldiers wound.

For statement, di security ministry talk say di attack serious paa as dem militants fire dozens of rockets. Two vehicle also get explosive for inside.

Di ministry talk say one of di vehicles explode, and dem stop di oda one wey get di UN logo.

Dem confam say five pipo get serious injury, but di fighting don stop and di situation dey under control.

Attacks on top UN peacekeepers and gofment soldiers dey very common for Mali, wey be former French colony.

But one foreign security pesin tell AFP news agency say dem no expect dis kain attack for Timbukutu.

"We neva see dis kain attack before," na wetin one separate gofment Timbukutu official talk.

Di UN mission don dey Malik since 2013 Tuareg separatist uprising. Dem get 11,000 soldiers and ova 1,000 police, and dem believe say na one of di UN most dangerous missions.

Just before dis latest attack, 162 UN pipo don kpai for di five years wey di mission start.

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