Today Tori: Manchester City win Premier League and fans para for Wizkid

Happy weekend! Dis na today tori for April 15, 2018.

Manchester City win Premier League afta Man Utd loose to West Brom

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Manchester City don win Premier League title afta West Brom shock Manchester United for Old Trafford.

Di defeat mean say no how wey Man-U fit catch Man City again.

Man City sef suppose don win di tin last weekend but di same Man-U no gree, dem beat dia neighbours 2-3 for dia own Etihad stadium.

Na di third time wey Man City go win di title in seven seasons and na di first time for Spanish coach Pep Guardiola.

BBC Pidgin Minute

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BBC Pidgin Minute

'If your dreams no scare you den you nova start'

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'If your dreams no scare you, den you nova start'

"Ah don inspire plenty Bamenda pikin dem as ah grow for ghetto and reach level weh ah dey now, e di make dem get hope say if ah fit reach weh a dey today den dey too go fit make'am."

Bamenda boy, as Magasco laik for call e-sef grow for ghetto with oda pikin dem and life no be easy for yi and e mami; e papa die when e bi laik 6- 7 years old.

Now so de singer for afropop and hip-hop weh e don dey for music since 2009 di do tours and still kam back for where e start struggle enter music and e get two albums and plenty songs dem.

Coachella: Why Nigerians dey para say Afrobeat star Wizkid no show

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Wizkid cancel im Coachella set for one of di biggest music festivals for di US.

Na visa palava for im band cause am as di star suppose show for stage on Saturday, April 14.

But e be like say many fans no know wetin dey happen, dem dey wonder why di afrobeat star neva appear for stage.

Na till next weekend e go be; di star tweet say: "Next weeknd! Bring una flags."

And still on Coachella: 5 tins wey Beyonce do wey scatta pipo head

Di way Beyonce perform for di 2018 Coachella festival inside California on Saturday night make pipo head scatta wella so tey di singer begin trend for social media on Sunday.

See five tins wey Beyonce do wey scatta pipo head

  1. 1. Beyonce bring Destiny's Child back to perform together
  2. 2. Di group surprise dia fans with dia old songs like Say My Name and Soldier.
  3. 3. Di 36-year-old singer use military parade style start di show.
  4. 4. Beyonce read quote from Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie and Nina Simone dem
  5. 5. Di superstar perform hit songs from di 16 years since she go solo

Alleged looters list: We go still release more names - Lai Mohammed

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Image example Nigeria information minister Lai Mohammed say dem release di looters list to prove point

Nigeria goment say notin go stop dem to release more names of pipo wey dem accuse say dem tiff money.

Information minister, Lai Mohammed, say some pipo don dey try to harass dem since dem release di first two list.

Plenti pipo vex wen goment release two list wey be like say na only names of opposition pipo full inside.

Court neva sentence any of di pipo wey dey di list, some get investigation on top dia head and odas sef no get any case.

Mr Mohammed say dem know say corrupt pipo go fight dem so e no surprise am say 'hack writers' dey write bad tin about goment.

Another thing we de for inside dis tori