Cameroon Elections: Akere Muna don reveal how im go take win Paul Biya

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Image example Muna no dey popular as politician but dem sabi am for im lawyer work

Akere Tabeng Muna, di Cameroon Anglophone lawyer wey bi former vice president of Transparency International, wan run against President Paul Biya for di October elections and im say to win, im go need join hand with Francophone regions.

Muna, wey come from Bamenda follow BBC talk on im strategy and im believe say plenty sense dey to join hand with Francophone wey get 80% inside electorate, as dat na di way any Anglophone go succeed for Cameroon politics.

From London, where im visit BBC Focus studios, Muna say pipo no know all di work wey im do for di struggle - like wen im ride ontop motorbike go di 'risky' town of Kembong wey bin get 6000 pipo but "now dey reduced to six pipo".

"I fit dare you say all those pipo [Anglophones] wey dey run dia mouth [about me] never go anywhere near Kembong," talk di 65-year-old wey come from political family.

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Image example Biya gofment don get accuse from Anglophones wey say im dey cause dem to suffer

Cameroon I-no-gree and division between Anglophones and Francophones don cause plenty kasala, wey more than than 40,000 Anglophone pipo don escape go neighbour kontri Nigeria, even as dia villages don destroy finish from fight-fight.

Di so-called Ambazonian separatists don accuse dia goment of attacking dem, yet Muna say wetin im want na federation no be separation.

"If di kontri fit deal with wetin dey make minority Anglophones to complain then I think we fit get federated kontri where pipo go fit live with protection of dia identity," im explain.

Wen we ask Muna weda im believe true-true say im go win di election or na just way for am to enta politics again, e say "I dey run because I know say I go win. Because I know wetin dey good for my kontri."

Cameroonians go vote for new leader for October 2018, to replace or keep Paul Biya, wey don dey power since 1982.

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