Bayelsa wan remove workers wey replace dia relation for civil service

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Image example Plenti pipo for Bayelsa dey wonder wetin go happun to workers if goment do wetin dem say dem wan do

Bayelsa state, wey dey south south Nigeria say dem wan start to sack pipo wey no suppose dey di civil service.

Di state goment talk say from di exercise wey dem do, dem don see say dem suppose clean up di civil service.

Commissioner for Information, Markson Iworiso tell BBC Pidgin say di committee wey dem set up show say many workers get fake certificate and odas inherit di work of dia relations wey don die.

Iworiso say "e get pipo wey no dey go work so goment go redeploy dem to go teach."

But no be guarantee say all of dem go teach. Only di ones wey get qualification for education and dem go do test for teachers training institute to show say dem fit teach.

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Image example Di civil service reform na to check say pipo dey work wia dey suppose work

Iworiso say dem go remove di oda ones jeje afta dem don give dem training to start small business or do farming before goment pay dem.

But tori be say many workers no go get salary as letter come from Head of Service office to comot dia name from payroll. Most of dis pipo dey work for di state media house dem and for primary schools.

Chairman Nigerian Union of Journalists Bayelsa, John Angese tell BBC Pidgin say goment don assure dem say dem no go just sack pipo anyhow.

Im say di protest wey dem do na im allow di committee to sidon check tins well. E say dem don step down from di warning wey dem give as dem no go fit protect pipo wey no get correct paper.

Chairman for Nigerian Union of Teachers Bayelsa, Tonipere Kalama tok say e good say goment wan redeploy pipo to teaching because teachers no dey.

Kalama say many young workers wey get proper teacher qualification dey sidon for office wey suppose dey for classroom.

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