Man chop cane afta im call im broda wife prostitute

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Sharia Court for Kaduna north west Nigeria, don order make dem flog one man 80 lashes of koboko sake of im call im sister in-law prostitute.

Umar Shuaibu, go collect 80 lashes of cane afta im call im sister in-law Suwaiba Abdulkadir prostitute as dem two bin dey quarrel.

Suwaiba carry Umar go court for defamation of character. She ask court to give her justice because wetin her brother tell her "don spoil her image."

Shuaibu say, e pain am wen she call am drug addict and dat na why im no sorry say im call her prostitute.

As im no gree apologise, Judge Dahiru Lawal wey dey in charge of di case come order make dem flog am 80 lashes of koboko.

Why court flog am

Adultery for Islam na serious offence wey dey punishable by flogging. But for dat one to happun, di pesin wey do di accuse must carry four witness come.

Di number of cane wey offender fit chop dey different depending on di judge wey di mata dey im hand.

Mohammed Dikwa na former judge for sharia court, im say, to accuse pesin of prostitution or adultery without four witness na serious offence and Lawal dey guilty of dat offence.

He say, although no Islamic law talk say make dem flog pesin wey do wrong accuse, di judge fit take im hand decide punishment.

Jelulu Baba Ahmed na lawyer for Islamic law. Im say, for dis case, di judge use im power punish Lawal to make sure say oda pipo wey dey tink to accuse anybodi without witness, go check imsef first.

He say im fact, na small punishment dem give am sef.

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