Maitama: Why Shi'ite youths enta one trouser wit Police for Abuja

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Maitama: 'Police use bullet crush my head'

Nigerian police and Shi'ite Muslim community don clash for Abuja Nigeria capital.

Di Shi'ite pipo bin dey go Human Rights Commission to go complain give say security pipo no allow dem do protest before di wahala happun.

Many of di Shi'ite protesters get wound and odas police arrest dem.

E don reach 98 days since dem dey protest say make goment release dia leader, Ibrahim El-Zakzaky wey dem arrest for December 2015.

"Na since 2015 wey dem arrest our leader dem and now e dey suffer stroke, dem bin shoot am for one eye and im oda eye doctors say im get glaucoma.

"Even with dat, di Nigerian goment no wan obey court order make im go better hospital treat im self" Abdulahi Muhammad Musa explain.

Di palava fear many pipo for Abuja and many of dem enta social media to talk dia own.

While some dey criticise di police odas say dem don loss sympathy for di Shi'ites protesters.

For Maitama area wia di tin happun, stones and teargas bag just full ground and dem destroy cars wey park for roadside.

BBC News Pidgin dey try reach Nigeria Police make dem tok dia own for di mata.

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