Why Commonwealth kontris must do business together

Kate Elmes Rudd be director for DIT for British High Commission for Lagos
Image example Kate Elmes Rudd be director for DIT for British High Commission for Lagos

Business go deh for side-line for Commonwealth heads of government meeting for London na e weh West Africa Trade Director for department of international trade, Kate Elmes Rudd for British High Commission say cost di drop wen kontris do business.

"1/3 for de population for dis world na members for Commonwealth, 75 percent di use English for do business and di share common law. E mean say cost di drop for business by 19 percent", e explain for BBC News Pidgin.

World Bank don estimate say 6 out of 10 for economy dem weh deh di grow fast-fast dey na for Africa and UK business with Africa bi important as deh estimate say e fit £ 20billion, Rudd add.

For around 2050, 20 percent for de population for de whole world go bi from Africa and statistic show say de Commonwealth kontris dem get for engage for business.

"All kontri dem need for look for how their future go be, shine eye for educate young pipo, especially girl pikin dem, e bi important for promote stem education for girls. Number for youths dem for Commonwealth big and we suppose make sure say deh get bright future and make dem too take part for economic development for dia kontris," Rudd explain.

De Trade director, explain say Nigeria dey important for Commonwealth for seka of e size and potential.

Rudd say Nigeria economy dey big, laik economy for Kenya and Ghana together and na coding capital for Africa. E say before pipo check say all weh Nigeria get na oil and gas and no bi full tori and no bi future but de true tori na say IT starts up dey boom for Lagos with young woman coders, plus company weh dey store data for Africa.

Na Rowan James Laxton, British High Commissioner for Cameroon, organise di business fair weh British companies for kontri share dia experience and debate for how for improve future economy.

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