Coachella: Five African shows wey dey di same level

Calabar carnival Image copyright Akintomiwaao

Coachella concert for California, United States go enter di last weekend dis Friday 20 April and Africans wey dey follow am inside social media.

Correct musicians like Beyonce and The Weeknd don perform and more still dey come.

Image example Pipo dey expect say Wizkid suppose show for Coachella dis weekend

Pipo dey always hustle to make sure say dem no miss di concert because na big show wey get big reputation.

But, e get concerts for Africa wey dey di same level as Coachella?

Cape Town Jazz Festival for South Africa

Dis two day event don tay and e don do di same amount of shows as Coachella with around 37,000 pipo don participate.

Dem dey call am one of African grandest party and na di fourth biggest jazz festival for world.

Vic Falls Carnival for Zimbabwe

Image example Dem dey call dis place one of di seven wonders of di Commonwealth

Dis na one of di festivals wey dey available for Vic Falls for Zimbabwe to take showcase di biggest waterfall for world.

Dis three day event na to celebrate new year and normally bring beta DJs from mostly around Africa. For di last edition dem get Black Coffee wey also perform for Coachella dis year.

Felabration for Nigeria

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'If to say Fela no sing, dem for talk say na today Nigeria begin spoil'

Dis festival na to celebrate di life and music of ogbonge Nigerian Afrobeat musician Fela Anikulapo Kuti wey die for 1997.

Dem dey remember am for both im music, how e carry Afrobeat go far and also how e dey fight for di right of pipo.

Last year, dem do one week event to celebrate twenty years since e don die and Wizkid follow perform.

Calabar Carnival for Nigeria

Image copyright Bismarkodey

Calabar Carnival start for 2004 to make Cross River number one for tourism for Nigeria.

Pipo dey talk say na di biggest street party for Nigeria.

Sabolai Radio Festival for Ghana

Image copyright Owula Kpakpo

Na di pipo wey organize di Chale Wote Art Festival organize am on top say dem wan celebrate alternative music.

One of di organizers talk say di artists wey dem dey promote for dis kain event na music wey you fit no hear for radio.

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