'Endometriosis no be spiritual problem, na medical condition'

  • Karina Igonikon
  • Reporter, BBC News Pidgin
Wetin we call dis Video,

Pipo need to understand wetin endometriosis be so dat dem fit give proper support to women wey dey suffer am

E don reach six years wey Theodora Chimonez don suffer Endometriosis but wen she start to see period, she bin no get pain.

She tell BBC Pidgin say di pain start small small until one day, e make her faint for office, dem come carry her go hospital. Di doctor do trans-vaginal scan for her uterus come tell her say she fit get endometriosis. Afta she do laparoscopy surgery, dem come confam say she get endometriosis.

Endometriosis na di sickness wey dey happen wen di endometrium wey suppose dey inside di uterus come dey wia e no suppose dey like on top di ovary, kidney or inside belle. One common sign na very painful period wey no go allow woman fit do anytin.

"Endometriosis na wetin we dey call invisible sickness so wen I say dis tin dey do me me, pipo dey say na lie! See as you package," na how Theodora dey describe how pipo dey see di sickness. She say e don affect her for work and even her social life. She say she no get any relationship because pipo feel say she fit no born pikin. Di pain sef no dey give warning as e fit come anytime weda she dey period or not. She say one time wen di palava worry her for office, pesin for her office tell her say na spiritual problem she get. She come explain say no, na medical problem wey be endometriosis, but di man no know wetin e be and statistics show say one out of ten women get am, dat na im come ginger her to tok about am so pipo go know.

Wetin we call dis foto,

Pipo need to understand wetin endometriosis be so dat dem fit give proper support to women wey dey suffer am

Treatment for Endometriosis

Dr Abayomi Ajayi wey be fertility doctor say "endometriosis no get cure na only treatment dey" and dat one na to manage di pain with strong pain tablet, injection or surgery and IVF wen di woman wan get pikin because e dey affect evri aspect of reproduction from egg production to di pregnancy sef, so many women wey get am fit no fit carry belle.

Wetin we call dis foto,

Dr, Ajayi say endometriosis no be spiritual problem. E no get cure but treatment dey for am so e good to detect am early

Im say early detection dey very important to help di woman make important decision like wen she go get belle, di kain treatment she go get especially for surgery and weda she go harvest her eggs keep till wen she ready for pikin.

Dr Ajayi come advice say make pipo get knowledge of wetin endometriosis be because e no be spiritual problem.