Four times Buhari take im mouth finish Nigerians for abroad

Aisha Buhari (left) and Muhammadu Buhari (right)

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Wetin we call dis foto,

Aisha Buhari one time don criticize her husband goment

For di three years of im goment, President Muhammadu Buhari supporters go swear say im don change di kontri but odas go say e no do natin.

But one tin wey e be like im don dey master, na how to talk tins wey go provoke many pipo for Nigeria, and e dey always talk am wen e don travel comot go anoda kontri.

On Wednesday for London, e talk say Nigerians youths no wan go school and na so so awoof dem want.

Dis no be first time Buhari don carry provoke talk come. Make we look im history of dis kain behaviour.

Aisha place for house

14 October 2016. Berlin

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Wetin we call dis foto,

Nigeria first lady Aisha Buhari belong for house, according to her husband

For one joint press conference with one of di most powerful women for di world, Germany leader Angela Merkel, Buhari ansa to one question about im wife Aisha wey criticize im goment don become very popular for Nigeria.

''She belong to my kitchen, she belong to my living room and she belong to di oda room,'' na im Buhari talk wey many pipo for social media don take do play-play.

Yes, we dey fantastically corrupt

May 2016. London

Former UK Prime Minister David Cameron bin dey talk for one big corruption conference but im no know say im microphone still dey on.

Wetin we call dis foto,

Buhari no too dey bad mouth Nigerians when e dey im kontri

When Cameron bin tell di Queen say 'Nigeria dey fantastically corrupt', many pipo for Nigerian and International community vex but as Buhari dey dia, pipo believe say e go give response to Cameron say na lie e talk.

Imagine di surprise of many Nigerians wen dia own president come talk for interview say Cameron talk am as e be.

Youths like Awoof

April 2018. London

For inside bizness meeting during Commonwealth summit for London, wia kontri leaders dem suppose talk how to grow dia economy and ginger pipo to invest for dia kontri, Buhari tell di world say di youths of im kontri no wan go school.

E say youths of im kontri too like awoof.

"A lot of dem [youths] no gree go school, and dem dey claim say Nigeria na oil producing kontri, therefore dem go sidon no do anytin, and get housing, healthcare, education for free," talk Buhari.

Di 5%

July 2015. Washington D.C.

Buhari just become president and during one official visit to di US, im give speech ontop Nigeria security and terrorism for di United States Institute of Peace (USIP).

Wen e finish, dem ask am about how im goment go take handle mata of Niger Delta as e relate to amnesty, bunkering and to carry everibodi along. Buhari say pipo wey give am 5% [of di vote] no fit get di same treatment with di pipo wey give am 97%.