Port Harcourt soot: Make federal goment hold dia pipo - Deputy Governor

Pipo wey dey waka against soot pollution for Port Harcourt Image copyright Eugene Abels
Image example Di soot pollution don dey worry Port Harcourt since 2016 and e don dey worse

Rivers State don tok say na di federal goment get di refineries wey dey cause di soot pollution wey don cover evri where for di capital, Port Harcourt.

Pipo for di city, wey dey for south-south Nigeria, vex waka enta road say make goment tok wetin dem dey do to stop di soot pollution wey dey worry pipo for dia.

Di state deputy governor, Dr Ipalibo Harry-Banigo, tok say dem don tell security pipo tire say make dem no dey burn di illegal oil wey dem dey seize from oil bunkers but dem no dey hear word, so make di federal goment draw dia ear of dia pipo for di refineries and security agency dem.

Civil society group dem and odas waka for 'Stop the Soot Campaign' for Port Harcourt do to ginger di mata.

Tunde Bello wey be di supervising operator of Stop The Soot Campaign, tell BBC Pidgin say di waka na peaceful way to take ask both federal and state goment say wetin dem dey do to stop di soot pollution for Port Harcourt. Im say "wetin we wan achieve na to draw di attention of di whole world to di danger wey Rivers pipo dey suffer sake of di tins wey dem dey do for oil and gas sector. If federal and state goment dey do some tin about dis soot, wetin dem dey do, na im we wan know."

Image copyright Eugene Abels
Image example Di pipo want di soot palava to stop

Di pipo wey wear nose mask and carry placard waka go di , Department of Petroleum resources, di Rivers State House of Assembly and Rivers State goment house wia dem give 14 point demand for wetin dem expect goment to do.

For di 14 point dem ask say make goment do environmen audit for host and oil producing communities and provide air quality reading even asa dem start street health campaign.

Image copyright Wonne AFronelly
Image example Federal goment suppose draw ear of refinery and security pipo to change di way dem dey destroy oil bunkery sites and products for Rivers State to stop di soot

Dr Harry-Banigo tok say di state dey ready to join bodi wit federal goment to solve di soot palava.

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