Olusosun dumpsite: Wia di fire dey come from?

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Di dumpsite wey dey for Ojota Lagos don catch fire again after one month wey e bin catch fire before, dis time nobody know wia di fire come from.

Di dumpsite dey always catch fire wey make goment to close am last month.

Lagos state governor, Akinwumi Ambode, go di place last month come talk say di location of di dumpsite no good again for pipo.

E talk say no be human being put di fire but say, even gas wey dey comot from under di site fit catch fire.

Di fire wey burn dia dey comot thick smoke come dey put fear for di mind of pipo wey dey live or do business for di area.

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Olusosun Fire: 'Di smoke dey wound pesin'

Johnson Onor wey be lecturer for Federal Polytechnic, Oko,talk say breeze fit carry fire from oda place enter refuse dump or e fit be say pipo fit don pour kpako wey carry fire inside.

Or, e fit be many oda tins sef. See di five tins wey fit cause di new fire for Olusosun dumpsite.

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Image example Battery especially CMOS battery, na im be di battery wey dey inside wrist watch and other electronics.
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Image example Spray can fit start fire
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Image example If chemicals mix, e fit catch fire.
Image copyright ED Jones
Image example Electronic wey don spoil

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