Anglophone crisis: Ferdinand Forka-Oboy say for stage comedians di tok unity

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Ferdinand Forka di use comedy for create awareness for youths and Anglophone crisis

Cameroon stand-up comedian, Ferdinand Forka, alias Oboy da comic, weh na senior youth and action counsellor, with big book for cultural tourism and recreational sciences di use comedy for tok Anglophone crisis with de slogan, 'who causam'?

"Who causam na slogan weh ah di use, ah realise say no be effect or consequence mata, but de root cause. During dis Anglophone crisis weh pipo di die for all side ah di look for how we fit bring change, so ah use de slogan for help sensitise pipo", Ferdinand Forka tok for BBC News Pidgin.

Oboy use de slogan for drum support for wan small girl weh e siddon for e papa e house bullet hit e eye, e use social media for yi own small way for help, e add.

For yi, different way dey for look at de problem. Na true say problem dey, but who causam? So e good for look for de cause for open door solution.

"We di make sure say wen we dey for stage, we no di tok division, we tok solution, geometric multiplication of good tins", Oboy explain.

Image copyright Oboy da comic Ferdinand Forka Facebook
Image example Oboy da comic di use comedy for tok Anglophone crisis with de slogan, 'who causam'?

"Wen ah organise ma show and ma broda for quata, anoda wan from Ebolowa kam support me, deh shiddon for one hall with Foncha, Enow and Eposi, for me na sign of unity", Oboy tok.

De senior youth and action counsellor, discover say e bi fit make pipo laugh and wen e di watch e long distance mentor Nigerian comedian Basket Mouth e decide for start sometin.

As mediator for youths and dia opportunities, comedy na deh tool weh Oboy di use for create awareness and pass sensitisation messages. "Ah di use comedy for tell youths say tief no fine, for break goment motor no fine".

Oboy tori how e grow yi wan, di struggle for pay my school fees and one day, "ah get small work for restaurant but ah no know for tok French, deh ask me for bring 'verre' ah go chapia grass bringam", na joke ooh, e tok.

Comedians for Cameroon weh deh di use English no plenti so Oboy and e kombi na de new generation of stand-up comedians for Cameroon and weh dey still di face financial and cultural challenges.

De message weh Oboy get for e colleagues dem na say make deh try for be professional, "if you di pinch from some man e comedy put e name for inside".

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