Meet African King wey get 15 wives

King Mswati III dey dance in front of young virgins for Royal Palace on August 30, 2009. Image copyright ISHARA S.KODIKARA/Getty
Image example Swazi tradition allow King Mswati III to marry any amount of wife wey im want.

Mswati III, King of Swaziland get 15 wives and 30 pikin dem. Tradition for im kingdom allow am to marry new wife every year.

Mswati na di king wey recently change im kontri name from Swaziland to eSwatini.

Mswati III, real name na Makhosetive Dlamini, wey mean "King of Nations".

Every year, im dey host annual Swazi and Zulu traditional dance festival wey dem dey call Umhlanga Reed Dance; and from dia im go choose new wife from among di young girls wey follow do di dance festival.

Image example Girls and women dey travel from far to attend di festival so dat dem sef go fit follow for pipo wey di king go choose as wife.

Dem done accuse am many times say im dey kidnap young women wey im desire to marry. Last year im marry im latest bride Ms Siphelele Mashwama wey bin dey 19 years.

Tori be say, for 2011, im pursue wife number twelve because she go 'play ball' with anoda man wey be minister of justice for di kontri.

King Mswati wife number eight commit suicide for April 2018.

Image copyright AFP
Image example Some of King Mswati wife dem from di fifteen wey im get.

King Mswati papa wey be King Sobhuza II bin marry 125 wives come get about 300 children. Im bin die wen im dey 82 years.

Wen im papa die, Mswati bin dey 14 years, two of im papa wives ((Queen Dzeliwe Shongwe, and Queen Ntombi Tfwala) occupy di throne till Mswati reach 18 years to take over di throne.

Mswati come become king for 1986 wen im reach 18 years, now im dey 50 years.


Pipo dey accuse am say, im dey waste moni for tins wey no mata wen im kontri pipo dey suffer.

Over 61% of pipo for Swaziland dey survive with less dan $1 per day but dia king bin allocate $61 million for im house keeping for 2014.

For inside Forbes 2009 list of kings wey get moni pass for world, King Mswati worth about $200 million.

Facts about King Mswati III of Swaziland.

  • Na im be di first young Cadet to join Swaziland Defence Force at four years.
  • Im bin be di youngest monarch to ascend throne until King Jigme of Bhutan ascend for December 2006.
  • Im also bin be di youngest head of state until Joseph Kabila enta office for 2001
  • Im bin make law say make man and woman no play ball for one year, na im first break di law.
  • Im get absolute power for im kingdom.
  • Im be Christian.
  • Upon say im get too much power to marry anybody wey im like, one woman Tintswalo Ngobeni no gree marry am, she run comot for di kontri go England.
  • Im be only child of im mama.
  • Im dey like wear traditional attire.